I enjoy reading O Magazine.

The articles are motivational, informative and just plain make you feel good.

Every month, on the last page,  Oprah writes “What I Know For Sure” where she shares

some of the wisdom she has gained from her life experiences. Well, I am not Oprah,

but what I know for sure about living your best life is this: You must do what makes

your heart sing and stop caring about what other people might think about it.  Even

if you are not able to do what you love full-time at this moment, take time each day

to do something that fulfills YOU and moves you closer to your goals. Having a goal,

working toward it, doing it everyday, will make you feel happier.  You will be living on

purpose with passion. So forget fear, breakthrough doubt, ignore any naysayers, and do

YOUR thing. Your best life depends on it.



F Fear

F fear. Excuse my language. I'm not usually one to drop f-bombs, but in this case, it's warranted.  A recent survey asked aspiring women entrepreneurs, "What's stopping you?" This is what they said: ...Fear of rejection. ...I'm afraid of being successful. ...I'm...

Gratitude, Guts, and 2017

Ahhh. Another Thanksgiving is upon us. I'm grateful to be living to experience it. I'm grateful for my children, my husband, and my family, despite the fact that I'll be the one washing dishes after we eat. I'm grateful to be connected to you - either personally or...

Everything About You Speaks

I'm making a public service announcement to all coaches, consultants, contractors, and 1-woman business owners. We "solo"preneurs don’t just need a marketing strategy. We need a COMMUNICATION strategy!!!!!!!! We ARE our businesses. People must buy US before they buy...

The B.S. before the Breakthrough

You won't believe what I've been going through. Stuff has happened to me that has never happened to me before. When the smoke cleared a little and I regained my footing, I realized WHY crazy things were happening: Because I was doing things that I had never done...

How to STAND OUT from the crowd

I'm often asked, "Angela, how do I differentiate myself from everyone else who's doing what I do?" My response is always this: "First, DAHLING, please know that NOBODY is doing EXACTLY what you're doing." Certainly, there are a hearty bunch of doctors, lawyers, travel...

Quiet Mouths Don’t Eat

Have you ever talked yourself out of an opportunity to pitch your business to someone because... You were uncomfortable. Or, You didn't want to feel "salesy". Or, You didn't want the other person to feel uncomfortable. Or, You didn't want to other person to feel like...

Push Play

I don’t know about you, but there is something about this year 2016. I have seen more people check out of here way too soon this year than I ever have before. It has me thinking a lot about life and living. We all hear people say that life is too short in a sort of...

7 Proven Secrets to Make Money Being Your Own Boss

I have something EXTRA helpful for you today! A FREE "Cheat Sheet"! 7 Proven Secrets to Make Money Being Your Own Boss! Download it now.  (It's the best Be Your Own Boss blueprint created EVER.) The cheat sheet is meant to be a quick reference tool - to keep things...