I’m making a public service announcement to all coaches, consultants, contractors, and 1-woman business owners.

We “solo”preneurs don’t just need a marketing strategy.

We need a COMMUNICATION strategy!!!!!!!!

We ARE our businesses.

People must buy US before they buy what we offer.

Everything about you speaks – from your chipped nail polish to your junky purse and water-damaged business card. shutterstock_274492637

(Not talking about YOU personally, I’m talking about you know who.)

You get what I’m saying.

WE MUST BECOME EXPERTS at managing our “Total Communication Equation”.


What are the components of your total communication equation, you wonder?

Wonder no more!

When I figure something out I share it.

Here it is:

Visual + Voice + Verbiage = Total Communication Equation

Total Communication Equation = Communication Strategy = MONEY, HONEY!

It’s not rocket science.

It’s the science of getting more clients.

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Visual  – how you show up in the world
  2. Voice – your tone of voice and personal connection to the transformation you offer
  3. Verbiage – your mission, your message, and your offer as communicated in copy and conversations

Without having a proper communication strategy in place before you do your “marketing”, you could:

Say the wrong thing to the right person – and people won’t like you.

Say the right thing to the wrong person – and people won’t need you.

Say too much – and people will run from you.

Say nothing – and people will ignore you.

Crafting a marketing strategy without FIRST having your communication strategy in place is…


What do you think is your biggest challenge in managing your total communication equation?

Tell me in the comments below this post.

My best always,


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