F fear.

Excuse my language.

I’m not usually one to drop f-bombs, but in this case, it’s warranted. shutterstock_408783877

A recent survey asked aspiring women entrepreneurs, “What’s stopping you?”

This is what they said:
…Fear of rejection.
…I’m afraid of being successful.
…I’m afraid of being seen.
…I’m afraid of everybody thinking I am a fraud.
…Letting go of the security of my day job!
…Jumping from thing to thing left me with no clarity or consistency to grow my business.
…Having the courage to put myself out there and ask for the sale has been something I’ve really had to work through over the years.

My goodness! Fear is SO expensive.

It’s costing us our happiness, our precious time, and our wildest dreams.

How many people do you know that started and quit a fitness plan, a relationship, or a business idea long before they were able to see any real results?

Then they claim it didn’t work.

They start making excuses and laying blame.

Worst of all, their self-esteem and confidence is diminished with every false start and failed finish.

They feel like a failure.

They lose credibility with their family, friends, and business associates.

Undercover haters are whispering, “What’s she doing THIS time?” “OK, how long will THIS last?”

But doubt from others can’t hold a red candle to all the negative self-talk going on inside your head.

“What AM I doing THIS time?” “I hope I can stick with it.” “Please let this work.” “I’m trying.”

Deep down in your heart, if your belief in yourself and your abilities is low, whatever you want to do, even if it has tons of promise and potential, won’t work.

GAME CHANGER!!!!! Even if you have a history of quitting before you see results, you can change your story to “from start to success.”

Nobody was born an expert.

The most successful people experience the same fears we do. STILL.

You are completely normal and more than capable. You have the knowledge you need to commit and follow-through on everything you begin, 

So, now, let me ask you: “What’s stopping you?”
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I read everything you send me. Don’t be afraid to spill the beans so you can breakthrough.
The first step is acknowledging your fears.

The time has come for you to conquer your fears and SHINE.

2017 will be the year YOU DO IT!

Your cheerleader,

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