I’m often asked, “Angela, how do I differentiate myself from everyone else who’s doing what I do?”

My response is always this: “First, DAHLING, please know that NOBODY is doing EXACTLY what you’re doing.”

Certainly, there are a hearty bunch of doctors, lawyers, travel agents, bakers, dog walkers, life coaches, etc.


Not one other doctor, lawyer, travel agent, baker, dog walker, life coach, etc. can do EXACTLY what you do because THEY ARE NOT YOU.

You have a unique set of life experiences that inform who you are as a person and how you go about your work. shutterstock_126256223

You may be a cardiologist, but you are extra passionate and “real-life experience” knowledgeable about cardiology because high blood pressure is common in your family. You give out prescriptions AND heart-friendly yummy recipes straight from your grandma’s cookbook.

You may be a dog walker, but you’re not just ANY dog walker because you’ve been responsible for caring for your family’s pets since you were 5 years old and you volunteered at the animal hospital every summer of your teenage years. Dog-parents feel extra safe leaving their dogs with you because you know EXACTLY what to do in case of any emergency.

Yes, everyone wants to be a life coach these days. But YOU my friend, you have been told you have “the wisdom of elders” since you were teased about being an old person in a young person’s body at your 8th birthday party. Your sage guidance has been a Godsend to both girlfriends and gurus from then until now.

NOBODY does what you do like you because they cannot.

You have no competition.

You are unique.

Your life experiences are unique.

Your gifts are unique.

Here’s an idea that’s on the money: Use your uniqueness in your marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Not showcasing how you do it differently makes you bland and boring.

It makes you a small fish in a big crowded pond.

And we all know that you’re not just another (insert your thing here).

You are THE (insert your thing here).

And don’t you ever forget it!



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