Have you ever talked yourself out of an opportunity to pitch your business to someone because…

You were uncomfortable. Or,

You didn’t want to feel “salesy”. Or,

You didn’t want the other person to feel uncomfortable. Or,

You didn’t want to other person to feel like you were “salesy”.

In case there was any confusion, YOU, my dear, are the most important and best ambassador for your business.

You have 1 job and 1 job only: to represent, promote, and sell your stuff.

Meeting, greeting, and networking can be fun, sometimes.

But sometimes, selling sucks.  shutterstock_81313057

Sometimes, rolling up on someone to tell them about your business all the while knowing you’d LOVE for them to BUY FROM YOU feels yucky.

(Quietly, sometimes you may NEED them to buy from you which feels even yuckier. Ugh!)

It feels phony.

It feels exactly how you hate to feel when someone tries to sell you something.

Especially if you aren’t a “natural” sales person.

Some people are just born with the gift of gab and can sell ice to people in Antarctica.

Most of us cannot.

Exactly what to say to sell without repelling folks can be a mystery.

Figuring out the right words is painful. It may cost you a friend or two.

You don’t want people to run away from you or send you to voicemail because you make them feel yucky with your pushy/pesty/pathetic sales smack.

Here’s a little PDF I created to help the sales process go more smoothly – for you and for the other person.

Download 7 Non-Sleazy Sales Secrets for Non-Salesy Solopreneurs here.

Do you have more “non-sleazy” sales secrets to share? Let me know in the comments below.

Always My Best,


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